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That man who sits outside your ATM machine day in and day out, in the same, dirty and tattered clothes?  He is someone’s brother.  That woman who sleeps under several blankets and bags in the doorstep of your office building?  She is someone’s mom.  Those kids with collection cup in hand so high they can barely sit upright just outside the doorway of your T stop?  They are someone’s children.  Each of these individuals has a unique story – homelessness is their state of being, not their identity.  All of them are our neighbors in need, and we can and must help them.  

On Sunday, February 12, 2017, 1,000 people will come together to do just that.

Many of us take for granted having a warm and safe place to wake up in every day.  But that is not the experience of far too many individuals in Boston.  The Winter Walk is a 2-mile walk through the streets of Boston during its coldest month of the year.  This first annual Winter Walk will finish on Copley Plaza where participants will share a meal together and also with members of many of the City’s organizations addressing the needs of Boston’s homeless community and some of their clients, and hear the real stories and struggles of this population.

All proceeds raised from the Winter Walk in this first year will be donated to five organizations that collectively serve a broad population of homeless individuals.